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My representative at the publishers went to Trinity High School on Tuesday to talk about me and my diaries, I wasn’t allowed to gio because I had school, which sucks, but Tim did me proud


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Mum washed my schoolshirt with Dad’s cape & it’s turned pink! I told her the red lining would ruin everything, she never listens

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I have come up with a new plan to make Chloe fancy me. I shall work out at the gym until I force my body to unleash its vampire strength. I’m off to the leisure centre right now to put my scheme into action.

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My stupid sister is upset because she wants to change her
name and Mum and Dad won’t let her. Her name is Mavis
(and has been since she was born in 1916), but now she’s being
teased in school for having an old-fashioned name and
wants to change it to something modern.

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HanaJoCullen was the winner of the vampire pic competition with this beauty. Well done Hana, we will send you a box of Vampire books and a life size cardboard cut out of Edward Cullen!

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I will draw the winner of the vampire pic competition at the end of today …the publisher is now throwing a life size cardboard cut out of Edward Cullen into the prize bag …why they thought that would be more appealing than one of me I don’t know , pah

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I couldn’t find Chloe at lunchtime, so I went to the steps at
the back of the gym and hung around with the goths instead.
The goths are called Brian, John and Si, and if you call
them the goths they say they’re emos really. I think Brian
only joined the group because he’s fat and it doesn’t show
as much when you wear black. I think Si joined because he’s
a ginger and he can dye his hair black. It’s hard to tell why
John joined because he never says anything. As for me, I
don’t really hang round with them out of choice. It’s just
that my pale skin and black clothing sort of automatically
place me in their gang.