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A policeman showed us a road safety video in assembly this morning. It was really gory, and upset some of the younger pupils, but it just made me feel thirsty. Sometimes I am ashamed of myself.


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My diary is in the Bookseller today! They call it ‘fang-tastic’, cool! I wonder if Chloe will go out with me now

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Basically, I got the worst deal ever when I became
a vampire. Every other vampire in history developed
a supernatural level of attractiveness when they
transformed. But not me. When I look in the mirror*, I just
see a pasty, tired, fifteen-going-on-100-year-old looking
back at me.

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I sat next to Chloe in the library at lunchtime. Every time I
stared at her she looked down at her book instead of making
eye contact. By rights, I should have mesmerized her with my
intense, brooding beauty, but there was no sign of that.

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I am in love with Chloe! I know this because I’ve been thinking
about her since half past ten. I can’t stop picturing her dark
eyes and her lovely pale neck.
I’ve had crushes on various girls before, but this is the
real thing. Even if I could eat or sleep I wouldn’t be able to
eat or sleep right now!

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I sat next to Chloe today in Art and I could smell that she had
type O- blood, which is rare but especially tasty (my dad
calls it the champagne of blood). I told her about the goths,
the tough gang and the popular gang, and she said she
wouldn’t want to be in the popular gang anyway. She is a
girl after my own heart.
I told her about the rumour that Mr Byrne was a
millionaire before he lost all his money and had to become an
English teacher, and about how Darren from our class came
in on No Uniform Day wearing his PE kit because he’s so poor
that these are the only clothes he owns. She didn’t laugh at
this and said she felt sorry for him, and I agreed to make
myself look caring and sensitive.

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The annoying thing is, I still need blood to survive. But
as it’s too difficult for me to hunt, I have to rely on Mum
and Dad to get it for me. Every few days, they travel to a
different town to get a fresh supply, because if they did
it right here in Stockfield, everyone would realize we were
vampires and put us in a zoo or something.
I hate being dependent on Mum and Dad, but I don’t feel
guilty about making them get the blood. After all, I didn’t
ask to be transformed. They got me into this mess, and
fetching my meals every day is the very least they can do.